We Tapclone is pleased to introduce various products and services of social media marketing for your organization. The new era of digital marketing has started; information technology is rapidly changing social media as a powerful tool of marketing. The conventional method of marketing is being transformed to digital platform. As social media become very popular among general public its importance to have an advertising platform for every organization to get maximum reach to their customers.Forevery entrepreneur, social media marketing is the “next big thing,” a powerful fad that must be taken advantage. The statistics about social media illustrate a clear picture. According to Hubspot, 95% of marketers in 2016 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 88% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites. And according to Social Media Examiner, 98% of marketers are currently participating in social media.

On page and off page optimization

In this phase, on the basis of the search engine guidelines and parameters, we will do on-page and off-page optimization. Please find beneath some of the most important factors on the basis of search engine criteria’s and guidelines.
* Keyword Research & Analysis by Word Tracker & Overture
* Finalized Key phrases Pre-optimization Ranking Audit report
* Identification of Pages for Key phrases
* Optimization details Summary Report
* Google Site map
* URL re-naming
* Links re-naming
* Link to site map
* Meta Tags Composition & Upload
* 301 Redirects
* Inbound links (hyperlinks in the content)


* Increased Brand Recognition.
* Improved brand loyalty.
* More opportunity to convert customers
* High customer conversation rates.
* Higher Brand Authority.
* Increased Inbound Traffic.
* Decreased Marketing costs.
* Better Search Engine Rankings.
* Richer Customer Experiences
* Improved Customer Insights

1. Every time you update content your entire micro site gets updated via our Site Sense keywords widget. By adding an internal link to fresh content on every page, the Tapclone ensures that any newly crawled pages‟ link to other related links within micro site. Each keyword is relevantly tagged with the location.
2. Whenever you add content to your business micro site on the Tapclone, our algorithms understand your content and automatically extract the key words from it. Keywords and their density are core concepts of SEO.
3. Every time you create new content on the Tapclone, you are creating a new page. The unique URL of this page is automatically generated with terms or keywords from the first sentence of your new content. URLs with Keywords are a good factor for SEO.
4. Every update result in the creation of a new page. The keywords extracted via semantic analysis from these, link these pages to each other creating a micro site with a proper structure.
5. A dense micro site with multiple pages, and an organized structure with internal links is invaluable to being discovered by search engines.
6. The new pages, internal links, keywords, and site sense widgets are all connected using index/search pages. By creating a graph search for each keyword, we are able to display the relevant content for any search to a search engine as well as a consumer.
7. Sitemaps are an integral part of how a Search Engine can index a micro site. On the Tapclone, every update you make creates a new page, thus needing a new Sitemap.
8. By auto-generating a sitemap, and submitting it dynamically, we are able to enhance the crawl ability of your Business Micro site.
9. We use our own language to establish standards and represent various elements of a Business Micro site to a search engine, while also rendering the best possible micro site based on several data points of a consumer